Cosplay Kasterborous
The Doctor’s regenerations are getting younger and younger.

The Doctor’s regenerations are getting younger and younger.


Nekkyo Usagi’s adventure at AARC!

There was a life size replica of the TARDIS so I got to step inside for a bit of time travel with The Doctor!!

Next: commissions made today! The last one was an art trade gift to a fellow artist of her original character Bruno. So Gorgeous!! XDDDD

Thanks to everyone who stopped by! There was a great turnout for such a small venue!

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Nine’s confused distaste is my favourite. At GeekOutt

A promo we did for Multiverse Asheville’s Time Travelers’ Masquerade.  Stick around for bloopers at the end to see Rose being more adorable than any human being has a right to.


"All of time and space…."

The TARDIS made an appearance at the convention!


Anonymous asked: What are some of the upcoming cons you guys are going to?

We will be at Asheville Anime Regional Convention next month, as well as RobCon and (hopefully) ChiiSaicon in August. We’ll also be attending DragonCon, though not as guests!


Some sweethearts from Bad Wolf Cosplay!

While most of our nearby Artist Table is made up of merchandise from Bad Wolf Cosplay (which is awesome, by the way), these props and costumes are all Cosplay Kasterborous!  The two journey hand-in-hand :D

Cosplay Kasterborous group shot!  (Thanks to Geek Con Coverage for the photo.)

Cosplay Kasterborous group shot!  (Thanks to Geek Con Coverage for the photo.)

We don’t just cosplay Doctor Who, you know!  Most of us are hardcore into Pokemon, too.  Here we are at the Anime Blues Con PokeBall.  (Reference photo included!)

Many thanks to SPN Creatives for the great photo!


The best thing happened when I bought a drink in costume at Anime Blues.

Our Eleven as a Team Magma Grunt, being a goof.

Eleven and Cinderella at Anime Blues.

Eleven and Cinderella at Anime Blues.

Rose and Martha pose with Dalek Chad at Anime Blues Con!
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Rose and Martha pose with Dalek Chad at Anime Blues Con!

(follow Dalek Chad on facebook!)


Doctor Who Fest: day #8

↳ shall we dance?: Nine gettin’ it on DDR.

Cosplay credit [x][x]

Yep, he’s ours.

Cosplay Courtesy


Ok, so I’ve picked up some tips traveling the convention circuit.  I’m really glad the cosplay =/= consent thing is taking off, but there’s more that needs to be addressed.

Cosplayers are basically walking billboards of their talent and artistry.  They either took the time to make it, or raised the cash to buy it - both of which involve sacrifice of time and money, either in construction, research, or both.

When you see a cosplayer, please do not:

  • Take a photo without their consent.  If they’re in costume, chances are high that they’ll say yes, and you’ll get a better pose out of it.  (Most cosplayers practice their poses in the mirror, and will do so in order to show off the best parts of their cosplay.)  If you’re too shy to ask, wait for someone else to, then join the crowd that will inevitably swarm.
  • Ask “Are you trying to be/supposed to be ________?”.  This tells the cosplayer that their costume isn’t good enough.  ”Are you dressed as ___________?” and “I don’t recognize your costume.” are both acceptable.  The re-wording is subtle, but makes all the difference.  A cosplayer is always ready to talk about their cosplay - not recognizing it is perfectly fine, but insulting their craftsmanship is a no-no.
  • Say “Oh, I hate that someone dressed as that character.  I apologize to the human race for the fact that this happens so much it warrants pointing it out.
  • Any variation of “Your costume is good, but have you seen ________’s?"  A cosplayer’s goal is to do their best, not to beat out everyone else.  Sometimes we get competitive, sure, but it’s not about trumping one another - it’s about being better than we were last time around.
  • Anything bashing their race, sex, or gender.  I’m white, busty, and American but if I want to cosplay Mickey Smith I damn well will.  While being fully aware that I’m not an English black guy.  I’m not going to get mistaken for Noel Clarke, but that doesn’t mean the costume isn’t good.
  • Do not touch anything without permission.  Not just sexually; I mean anything.  Costume pieces, wings, armor, props - anything.  Asking is fine, but respect their wishes if they say no.  And if they say yes, be careful.  Just because someone dressed as John Egbert let you hold his Warhammer of Zillyhoo does not mean you can go smashing things with it.

These things should go without saying, but they don’t.  Which is why I said them.  Please reblog this if you’re planning on attending a convention; it really makes a world of difference to those who bravely choose to wear their passions (literally) on their sleeves.

(And please feel free to add/submit your own.)